Effective Marketing Strategy Services

Effective Marketing Strategy Services

Investing in some or all of the marketing tactics available to you without a sound marketing strategy is like traveling abroad without knowing anything about where you are going and with having expectations for a particular outcome. I hear “good ideas” all the time from business owners, that are frankly bad ideas when I do just a little bit of research.

That said, your marketing strategy is not only a road map. It is directions for where you are going. It is a plan for what to do as you go. It is a plan for how to measure your outcome. Your marketing strategy should consider all of your options, your available budget, what you are trying to sell and who you are trying to sell it to, who you are competing against, how your brand will be supported both internally and throughout the buyers’ process to stand out and how you will keep clients you will win. Your marketing strategy should be your first investment and should be your beacon as you navigate your journey

At Olive Marketing Consulting, this is where we really set ourselves apart from the traditional agency model. If you will allow us, we will wrap our arms around every aspect of your business that your marketing touches. This will range from external to internal communications, your advertising, your digital marketing, your sales, your events, your pr, and even your financials to ensure that your entire strategy is executed seamlessly and effectively.

Marketing Strategy Services

Our Approach to Creating a Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy process is based on owner of Olive Marketing Consulting, Jesse Olive’s, knowledge from taking the PMP course as well as his experience working with multiple high level employees who have managed projects for fortune 100 companies such as AT&T, Nike, IBM and beyond.

Your marketing strategy will be your beacon for all things marketing. If you do not have someone who can create a strategic plan encompassing all things marketing at the helm, it is time to make the decision to hire someone to help them. When we say “all things marketing”, this is what we mean: Marketing is at the top of the ladder in hierarchy as it encompasses everything from sales, online and offline advertising, digital marketing, communications, public relations, creative design, supporting human, technological and financial resources and beyond.

Marketing Strategy Phase I – Discovery

Before we begin writing a marketing strategy for your business, we will begin with a discovery process where we conduct research through technology, in-person interviews, questionnaires and even other activities such as focus groups if necessary. This process is aimed at learning the industry, the business, the people and the goals for the business.

We have found that there are so many nuances throughout every business and its unique position in its industry that a thorough discovery process is essential to getting the most out of a marketing strategy. While some questions and answers may seem unimportant to those who are not involved in the creation of this strategy, we will take into consideration all of the information we gather when creating a marketing strategy for your business.

Marketing Strategy Phase II – Exploration

The next step we will take when creating a marketing strategy for your business is an exploration process. This is where we will determine and consider all of the possibilities available that can help us reach your goals.

We will consider many things throughout this process including your company culture, your existing staff, your budget, cost, timeline and of course function during this process. Additionally, we will go back and forth with your point of contact in order to determine if our track is palatable to your stakeholders.

This process includes a lot of consideration, communication and elimination, but it is essential in determining the right combination of resources for achieving the goals of your stakeholders. This leads us to our next phase for creating a marketing strategy for your business.

Marketing Strategy Phase III – Planning

Your marketing strategy will begin with an executive summary that goes into detail about your business, its history, details about your competition, the history of relationships among your stakeholders, the purpose for the document, and beyond. While the executive summary is often somewhat lengthy and very important as it introduces and sets the tone for the entire strategic plan, the rest of the document is where the meat is in a marketing strategy.

Your overarching goals and objectives will be listed in an objective summary after the executive summary in your marketing strategy. To be clear, a goal is the highest level of desired outcome and your objectives are outcomes you aim to achieve in order to reach your goals. Your objective summary is probably the most important aspect to the strategic plan, because everything after that should be centered around these goals and objectives. In essence the objective summary will serve as your beacon, regardless of whom you chose to execute your strategy.

Following the objective summary will be your strategic plan. This strategic plan will be based on a chosen strategy that is a derivative of all assets derived throughout the discovery and exploration phases of your marketing strategy project. This strategic plan will be structured according to your resources, timelines, desired outcomes and objectives.

Rarely do small-to-medium sized businesses have the resources to execute an entire plan all at once, so your strategic plan may suggested phases. We often structure these phases around the idea of generating enough revenue in a preceding phase in order to justify the investment in the following phase, and so on. These phases are a part of your implementation plan. No one strategic plan is the same.

Within each phase of your strategic plan we will include projects that are categorized into categories, i.e., digital, sales, traditional media, etc. Next to each project we will list the objective the project is associated with, so that there is regard for the desired outcome the entire time your provider is working on each project. A timeline will be listed next to each project along with estimated costs if we are the chosen provider for your business. If you wish for someone else to execute the plan, we will base estimates on their timeline and rates.

There are other aspects to marketing strategies that may require additional planning, such as the planning for system implementation. Such systems might include CRM, CMS, tracking software, etc. Your plan might also call for the hiring or training of resources to utilize these resources or execute your plan. If there are any special needs in any of these areas, we will design your strategic plan to consider these needs to ensure a successful outcome which for us is to achieve your objectives in the time and cost we estimated.

At the end of your marketing strategy will be a summary or statement of work (SOW) with costs associated with them to help you with understanding the investment required in order to achieve your outlined objectives.