October 23, 2020

7 Services to Look for in an Effective SEO Consultant for Growing Your Pool Company

A survey done by the official Yelp Blog showed that 85 percent of consumers will look to the internet to find local businesses. That’s great news to hear if you’re a business owner with a website for your pool company. However, just because you have a website doesn’t mean that you’re business is going to appear in search results to those consumers. Without good SEO, you may not appear in those searches at all and your competitors will!

That’s where professional SEO services come into play. If you want to beat your competitors and have your pool business popping up in front of your locals, then it’s time to start talking with an SEO consultant.

Here are the top 7 services you should look at for in a excellent SEO company. 

1. Local SEO

When it comes to finding a good SEO consulting company, local SEO should be a listed service. This is your bread and butter when you have a small business or when you are trying to reach out to your local community. If you have a physical building for your business, local SEO is going to ensure that anyone in your city or region will be able to find you easily. 

Think about your clientele and how they find you. When they’re looking for pool services in your area, what’s the first thing that they do? Go into their phones and type in “pool company or hot tub services near me”. The first businesses to pop up are the ones that have excellent SEO consulting services. This should be one of the first things you look for in an SEO company, especially if you’re a pool company looking to rank locally. 

2. On-page SEO

Another important part of online ranking for your pool company is On-page SEO. This is where an SEO consulting company will come in and optimize every page of your website. They will go through it thoroughly and make sure that everything you have on your website is optimized perfectly for higher SEO ranking. 

This includes things such as alt text for images, meta tag titles, experts, headers, and keywords. If you want to bring in more relevant traffic and start ranking in the top 10 in search engine results, then your website needs to be properly optimized. This means every page, not just your home page or your services page.

3. Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the opposite of On-page SEO. This is where you start to establish authority and trust on the internet other than on your own site. This comes in a couple of different venues to help improve your ranking. 

The first is backlinking. This is where your pool company will have other sites that link back to yours. The more reputable websites that link back to your small business the better.

This also includes and extends into social media platforms. You want to have links back to your website on all relevant social media platforms. Not just on your own but on other social media handles as well.

This service is essential because it’s going to show search engines that you are a reputable source and should be shown to consumers looking for your services. 

4. Marketing Strategies

What is marketing strategies? This is your road map, this is the plan that is going to ensure that your hot tub business succeeds. Without a marketing plan, how will you know where you’re going? How will you know that you have succeeded or need to improve?

An excellent company is going to consider all of your options, plan a budget with you, and provide a path to success. If an SEO consulting company doesn’t offer this service, you better turn and run the other way!

5. Digital Marketing

With digital marketing services, your organic SEO consultant will be able to show you not only where to invest your marketing budget but also know which tactics will work best for your hot tub or sauna business. Not every business is the same and neither should your marketing strategy. 

If you want to beat your competitors then having a good digital marketing plan is going to be key. 

6. Analytics and Reports

According to a report by Fundera, about 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, and 50% of small businesses fail in their fifth year. One of the biggest contributing factors to that stat is that many businesses fail to use analytics and reports. Reviewing your analytics and reports is going to allow you to constantly improve. It will show you what is working and what isn’t working. 

This also doesn’t mean basic website impressions either. We are talking about an in-depth look at everything related to your business. From web analytics and SER to competitive analysis and ROI, you want it all. If you’re going to hire an SEO consultant for your pool company, you want to make sure they provide top-notch reports. 

7. Creative Services

Many SEO agencies don’t offer creative services, this is a huge problem, why? Because what happens if you need to improve branding or even change it completely? Creative services are an excellent way to change something that isn’t working so that you can start making those conversions. 

Creative services usually include things such as logos and web design. This could also be things such as videography, photography, copywriting, and so much more. When an SEO company is offering services such as these, you know that they are not only looking out for your best interest, but they are well prepared to do whatever it takes to help you succeed. 

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If you’re ready to start ranking locally and bring in more clients then it’s time that you speak with an SEO consultant. Just remember that if you plan on beating your competitors, then you need to hire the right company. A company that is professional and offers these services!

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