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After carefully planning your end-to-end marketing strategy, we will help you execute and manage your campaigns while serving as a single point of contact throughout our relationship.

Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) Reporting
  • ROMI Reporting

    An end-to-end marketing solution would not be complete without return on marketing investment (ROMI) reporting. We help our customers install and configure our call tracking system and integrate it with their campaigns, their marketing assets and other reporting software–including accounting software when applicable. Next we work with our customers to establish processes for using the ROMI tracking system effectively.The end result? Meaningful data that helps you make more informed strategic business decisions that ultimately will increase your profit margins.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some common questions about Olive Marketing Consulting (OMC) and our services. Hopefully, this section will give you a better idea of who we are, what we do, why we do it and how we are different.

The owner of Olive Marketing Consulting OMC, Jesse Olive, has a long track record for creating the right strategies for employers and their clients based on nuances specific to their businesses. Many companies today are still growing utilizing the programs he put into place many years ago. His fingerprint is all over Olive Marketing Consulting (OMC) and its offerings, and we simply will not take on your business if we believe we are unable to help you. If anything, trust our track record and feel free to ask more about it.

As discussed within the marketing FAQ section, we are a marketing consulting firm which touches on a broader spectrum of services than your typical ad agency. We take a consulting approach with every client. We bring in resources on an as needed basis. We can help you with your entire strategy. We can source and manage vendors, and put systems into place that help you track outcomes like return on investment (ROI) and determine cost per acquisition (CPA). We can certainly act solely as your ad agency, but if you want to tap our full potential, our additional services are where you will find the biggest difference. Our flexible model will keep your budget down as well.

Unless that is what we are hired to do, we are not typically in place to make suggestions on hiring and firing. Our goals are to protect your investment in your employees, to align with them and empower them--not replace them. In fact, Marketing Managers, Directors, VPs, CMOs, etc. are our biggest followers. We certainly have a lot to offer them and your business. We help fill in the gaps, help them find answers and make their jobs easier by producing the results they are hired to produce.

At Olive Marketing Consulting (OMC), we understand that efficiency is a requirement, not a commodity in the SMB arena. We have a proven, four-step project planning process that has been developed over the last 18 years. Our process was shaped with the help of veterans from large corporations such as IBM and Nike, but its development was governed by our small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) experience. This process ends with a detailed project plan that you can take with you, or choose to allow Olive Marketing Consulting (OMC) to help implement. If you utilize our end-to-end marketing capabilities, we will not only serve as project and campaign managers, we will help you implement new systems, processes and reporting that will help you better understand how your marketing investments performs.

Many confuse end-to-end marketing with integrated marketing or full-service marketing. We are also full-service, but not every marketing business has the budget to afford everything and the kitchen sink. End-to-end marketing involves touching and tracking everything from planning, to investing to measuring ROI of a marketing campaign and everything in between.

Full service is somewhat subjective. Full-service agencies usually offer the majority of services involved in the advertising world. Some do not offer marketing strategy services or deep level reporting and system implementation. Olive Marketing Consulting (OMC) is a full-service marketing consulting firm. Advertising is only a subset of services that fits within the marketing umbrella that makes up our service offerings. We not only assist in media placement, we can help with sales analysis, sourcing, system implementation, campaign management, program implementation, presentation consulting, creative design and writing, website development and custom programming, mobile app development, analytics, email marketing and automation, and more. See our services for more details.

The answer is no. Full-service describes the capability to provide any and all services within the marketing umbrella. Integrated marketing describes the use of multiple marketing tactics to deliver a consistent message across multiple mediums.

There isn't one. If anyone tells you that there is, they haven't spent enough time in the space learning about other marketing tactics, industries and scenarios. The owner of Olive Marketing Consulting (OMC) has helped grow multiple agencies, and he has worked at Director and VP levels for multiple employers across a plethora of competitive industries such as behavioral health, real estate and technology. While more and more digital strategies are outperforming the ROI of traditional marketing, there are still plenty of instances where companies are outperforming their competitors using more conventional strategies. Typically, leaders of industries focus on doing whatever it is they do very well and reinvest into their marketing budgets in order to cover the gamut with their marketing strategies.

Consulting: Strategic - Strategic Planning, Media Placement, Tracking & CRM System Implementation, Reporting & Analytics, Client consulting, Guest Speaking, Digital Marketing - Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Advertising, Email Marketing (Sales Automation), Web Design, Custom Programming, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Crowd Compass, Programmatic Digital & Traditional Advertising, OOH Advertising Creative Services - Logo Design, Print Design, Web Design, Video Production, Photography, Copy Writing

It depends. Our consulting rate is $150 per hour. Our web development rate is $125 per hour. Our design rate is $75/hour. Our turn-key managed search engine optimization (SEO) programs start at $750.00 per month. Our turn-key managed Google Adwords campaign management starts at $1250 per month. Our organic social media management starts at $500.00 per month. We offer many other services, but we would have to speak with you in order to discuss what would be required to meet your needs. The initial discussion is free of cost.

Yes. We definitely outsource--not everything though. If we outsource, it is strategic for both parties. Outsourcing and our virtual model is precisely what allows us to keep our costs down. It is also what allows us to be turn-key where we need to be. We know first-hand that other businesses charge nearly twice what we charge in certain areas. Our value is realized through efforts such as helping you to determine the best strategy, the best resources, managing those resources, ensuring your brand's consistency, helping you with implementing systems, and by collecting and analyzing important data that is delivered in meaningful reports that are easy to understand.

Definitely. Just in the past several years, we have provided SEO only to multiple businesses. We have managed social media campaigns. Audited and managed Adwords campaigns. We have helped revamp ecommerce stores, developed websites, provided usability consulting for back-end systems, designed company identity packages, built convention apps, provided project management services, helped other agencies with strategies and even helped win clients.

Considering there are many different ways to brand companies from a tactical perspective, we are going to stay away from tactics and discuss how we communicate our clients' brands. We are big fans of the Golden Circle. We enjoy working with businesses to establish their "why" internally and work on their brands from the inside out. Communicating your "why" throughout your messaging is the most important driver for motivating everyone that interacts with your brand, from your employees to your customers. The companies that are not only willing to do this, but that do it right stand out from the rest.

We are not here to sell you anything. We are here to help you determine what it is you need in order to achieve your goals and/or provide you with services you need. We are flexible in our approach, but we are knowledgeable and will not take on clients that are not a mutual fit. We believe there is great value in up-front communication, transparency, planning and investing. If these qualities do not exist in our relationship, then it will most likely suffer and it will be difficult for us to do our job as effectively as possible.

Over the many years of providing marketing services to numerous businesses across numerous industries, we have learned the most important factors in successful marketing are data, delivery and creative. Data is the key factor in an informed decision. Good ideas are often proven to be bad ideas after-the-fact and that could often be avoided with research. That is why we conduct so much research up-front. Delivery is based on that data and obviously impacted by budget. Ideally, you need to afford to reach the right people. Creative is what people respond to when they see your message. It exists in design, text, audio and in motion. All of these creative elements impact your ability to close the deal.

Many people will use the words marketing and advertising interchangeably. Advertising is simply a marketing vehicle that helps deliver a brand, product or service to an audience. So is sales. Advertising is primarily an "outbound" marketing tactic that can be executed through print, signage, radio and digital channels where typically the audience is not looking for the paid advertisement. Sales can be both "outbound" or "inbound" in nature. Sales are executed in person, over the phone and through digital channels as well. Internet marketing is an inbound approach. It is our belief that sales and advertising should feed marketing and marketing should feed sales and advertising. Our end-to-end ROI tracking systems that we implement are designed with this philosophy in mind.

This is a quote that Jesse Olive, owner of Olive Marketing Consulting, came up with when working as the Director of Marketing & Creative Services for a large, prominent real estate brokerage in Las Vegas, NV. The concept is about committing to your marketing investment as opposed to always trying to save a dollar, because marketing is very much a space where you have to pay to play. Typically, companies that decide to invest aggressively in marketing during strong economic periods are the companies that are able to gobble up even more market share when the economy declines. Others tend to ride the wave, and often crash and burn when the economy crashes. There are a number of reasons businesses do the latter. Some businesses do not take marketing seriously to begin with. Others do not manage their profit well. Then there are those who know they should invest in marketing, but are afraid to because it is expensive and/or they have been burned before. Seeing customers' excitement replace their fears and anxiety when they see the results is the second most excitement we experience next to the excitement we experience when a customer decides to move forward with utilizing our services and places their confidence in us. We get excited, because we know they will be pleased with the results.

Any questions? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.